Get the Professional Trading Services Your Company Needs to Sell Products in China

Get the Professional Trading Services Your Company Needs to Sell Products in China

Do you have potential customers in China? But for the currency restrictions and short-term payment requirements, anybody could sell products there. China’s 1.4 billion consumers combine to form the world’s largest market. More important, World Bank expects China’s economy to grow 6.4% in 2018, with other markets to grow less than 2%, if at all. For many companies, that market should be a primary focus for sales revenue.

One of the biggest challenges is that the Chinese yuan (CNY) is not convertible on the world’s currency exchanges. To do business with most buyers and sellers in China, companies must run their business transactions through an intermediary known as a Licensed Trading Company. Personally, you can convert a small volume of CNY to other currencies, but not the company, particularly not at the level that it needs to operate. 

Most trading partners are just paper-pushers, even though they may represent themselves as manufacturers or fulfillment companies. In fact, many are simply agents with little or no contact with your product. 

EastBridge eliminates such 3rd parties, and their hidden mark-ups. We earn our keep by adding value and through predictable costs. Because we are engineers at heart, we also help with the field applications support, QA/QC and in setting up appropriate terms and conditions. As a trusted manufacturing trading partner, EastBridge seamlessly imports – or takes possession of the goods if they are made in China – converts the currency to CNY, issues local invoices denominated in CNY, and fulfills the sale. In addition, we provide warehousing and order fulfillment from our three locations, and even provide after-sale service and warranty claims!

EastBridge helps clients deliver a quality, finished product without risk to their Intellectual Property or ROI for low rates.

If your company wants to add revenue from the world’s biggest and most expansive market, you need the Trading Services EastBridge offers to its clients. We have been providing such value to clients for years. Our reliable and robust system will power your success in Asian markets.

Tell your Marketing and Operations people about EastBridge Trading Services! 

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