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We build and deliver custom parts, sub-assemblies and finished products to our customers. We take your hardware project from concept to delivered product.
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Consumer, Industrial and Technology Markets

Specializing in High Mix/Low Volume projects.
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Our mission is to build and deliver top quality custom parts, sub assemblies and finished products to our customers. We take your hardware project from concept to delivered product.

What we Do
Our services include cost & technical feasibility modeling, DFMA, international sourcing, manufacturing launch and supply chain management. We provide you with the advantages of having an engineering & procurement team on the ground, without the investment in management, time or travel burden on your staff. We make the transition from prototype to production predictable and seamless.

Cost Modeling

Our engineers are expert at estimating the cost of manufacturing new hardware products. We provide our customers with an accurate estimate of the price of their product and tooling before the design is finalized.

Technical Feasability

There is usually more than one path to reach your design goal. Before committing to a single manufacturing approach, we review your design, evaluate its suitability for production and advise how best to move forward.


A drawing, CAD files and specification are just the start of the production process. EastBridge carries out a rigorous design review to select the most cost effective materials and processes. We make sure that your design intent is maintained during the transition into production while focusing on the number of components, handling and ease of assembly.

International Sourcing

At EastBridge, we’re internationalists. Our global sourcing team makes sure that you receive the highest quality-value ratio and your product is built by the best supplier using the most appropriate technologies.


We were founded by manufacturing engineers and have production in our DNA. We have experience in dozens of technical domains. Our engineers are on the factory floor to make sure that your product meets your quality standards, specification, no shortcuts are taken and your costs don’t change.

Supply Chain Management

EastBridge is also a third party logistics (3PL) provider. Our certified logistics specialists follow your order from start to finish, manage all of the paperwork and coordinate every aspect of product movement, transportation and warehousing.
Highly Focused
EastBridge is focused on hardware manufacturing for a diverse group of global customers. We provide back-end engineering DFMA and supplier management for designers and manufacturers of highly engineered specialized products.
We have a significant focus on complex, difficult to manufacture designs and high mix/low volume projects.
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Quality Services.

On-site quality engineering services. Quality assurance and control. Tooling validation. Source inspection and Compliance.

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Supply Chain.

EastBridge offers a broad range of engineering and procurement services. Our multilingual engineering team in North America and Asia provide an on-the-ground presence to rationalize and lower supply chain costs.

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Sheet Metal Enclosures.

EastBridge Strategic Sourcing fabricates many types of sheet meal enclosures, including card cages, medical device packaging, detectors and sensor enclosures, wall mounts or any other type of custom fabricated enclosure.

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