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About Our Company

EastBridge was founded in 2003 to provide hardware designers and OEMs with skilled concept engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance & control and logistics services.

Our focus in on supporting our customers during the transition from prototype to volume production.

Our global team of development and manufacturing engineers has decades of experience in new product & process development, manufacturing and quality assurance.

All of our process development and manufacturing projects are carried out by engineers with experience in box build, consumer products, electronics, formed metals, mechanical design, medical devices, molded plastic and many other domains.

Executive Managers

Jack Daniels

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jack Daniels has over twenty-five years’ experience in engineering, manufacturing operations, marketing & sales, finance, regulatory compliance and international business development. He has lived and worked in China and the Republic of Korea.

Jack served as the Director of Asian Operations of Rogers Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced materials used in the computer, handheld electronics, office automation and telecommunication industries and established a network of commercial service centers throughout Asia incuding a manufacturing campus in Mainland China.

Jack also worked in executive roles for GE Plastics and Taconic Plastics, where he launched several successful subsidiaries and joint ventures in the Asia-Pacific region. He is a graduate of Northeastern University and holds a combined Chemical and Environmental Engineering degree.

Jojo Deng

Chief Financial Officer

Jojo, a native of Shanghai was an auditor with Arthur Anderson, LLP in China and Boston, MA before joining EastBridge Engineering Partners in Boston.

She has broad experience in implementing international reporting systems and a great depth of knowledge of US and international accounting practices. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Shanghainese.

Jojo earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Simmons School of Management in Boston, Massachusetts and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management Information Systems from the University of International Business & Economics in Beijing, PRC.

Crystal Yang

Chief Operating Officer

Crystal Yang was Supply Chain Manager with Rogers China Investment Co., Ltd. before joining EastBridge Engineering in China.

She has extensive experience in product engineering, supply chain management and quality assurance services. She speaks fluent English and Mandarin.

Crystal earned her master’s of business administration from the University of Texas at
Arlington and a bachelor’s degree in non-ferrous materials engineering from Yan Shan
University in China. and currently lives in Suzhou, PRC.

Eva Hu

Vice President of Field Engineering Services

Eva Hu was Procurement Engineering Manager with Avision, Inc. before joining EastBridge Engineering in Suzhou. Eva was responsible for new product cost estimation, tooling design and fabrication and product reliability and testing.

She has significant experience in manufacturing engineering, source development and project management and is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Featured Projects

Zero Halliburton Mini Traveler.

Streamlined, Secure and Stashable:
The ZH Mini-Traveler Brings Serious Style to Personal Essentials. Inspired by the head-turning appeal of the world’s most iconic Attaché, the new ZH Mini-Traveler sets a higher bar for hand-held personal cases. Sculpted with an ultra-durable shell and signature aluminum frame, it’s streamlined design offers a more flexible approach to organized travel.Keep your essentials securely in-hand and your standards high…

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Kromek D3S, safeguards against the threat of nuclear terrorism.

Specifically designed to uniquely deliver the cost and performance needed for the implementation of either: fixed, mobile and drone networks providing a continuous, always-on and affordable wide area monitoring capability, or, as a unique standalone detector for real-time in-field isotope ID

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Power and Charging where you need it.

No more crawling on the floor to charge your devices and power your appliances – the Tower brings power up to you.

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With over 20 years of experience in the popcorn industry, the Popsmith team set out to create the perfect at-home popcorn machine. We want to make it easy for you to connect with your loved ones over the joy of popcorn. With our popper, you can create new memories in the kitchen, gather together for a movie night, and experiment with new recipes.

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OralKleen is dedicated to providing care givers the very best tools and protocols for those dependent on others for oral care. Invented by a care giver for care givers, OralKleen’s patented, multi-feature electric toothbrush enables increased productivity for the nursing staff as well as provides superior oral hygiene for their patients versus traditional methods. Better oral hygiene is linked to better overall health for compromised patients and OralKleen is on the leading edge of providing innovations for medical professionals to combat HAI (hospital acquired infections) due to poor oral health.

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