Design to Delivery

Designed by you.
Built by EastBridge.

Where your concept goes from here depends a lot on who’s taking it there.

Our mission is to take your design and make it mesh seamlessly with real world manufacturing processes, moving from working prototype to fully complete, finished products.

We build top quality custom parts, subassemblies and finished products for our customers, guiding your concept from design to delivery.

In addition to inspecting and monitoring the quality of the products that we build; we also assist customers that have existing supplier relationships. Every member of the EastBridge team is an ISO certified auditor.

EastBridge optimizes product manufacturability, bridging the gap between prototype and production.

Bring us in as a sounding board when you’re conceptualizing a new design. Our customers know they have a reliable resource to assist with reviewing their new product designs for feasibility, estimating the cost to manufacture, identifying and qualifying suppliers, coordinating the design transfer and start-up/scale-up process and providing “concept to delivery” support.

View EastBridge as an extension of your engineering and supply chain management team. We provide you with the advantages of having a team on the ground, without the investment in management, time or travel burden on your staff. Trust us to be a proactive, experienced liaison between you and the factories we work with worldwide. We make the transition from prototype to production predictable and seamless.

Our services include cost & technical feasibility modeling, DFMA, international sourcing, manufacturing launch, turnkey production and quality management.

Getting your design production ready.

Before your product design is completed, we’ll meet with you to review the technical requirements, specified materials, commercial needs and production schedule. That will allow us to leverage our manufacturing experience to recommend small changes that will make your new product launch smooth and predictable.


We take your idea from concept to delivery!

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