Selected Project Stories – April 2018

Selected Project Stories – April 2018

What is difficult for you? Is it getting technically challenging designs delivered turn-key? Are tight manufacturing tolerances pushing out delivery? Are companies turning down projects because they are for high mix / low volume applications?

EastBridge has built a manufacturing services business just for designers & engineers like you. We “Bridge the Difficult.” 

This month we are working on some projects that were either too hard, too small, or too overwhelming for internal customer resources. Some of them are pretty interesting. You might find a project story that strikes close to home. If you read about one that resembles what you expect your next project to face, let’s talk about that. I want to put your design on your dock.

Difficult Projects Made Easier

Customers, friends, and family are amazed by the variety of work EastBridge does in any given month. Here is a partial list:

Certification and Audit of Juvenile Booster Seats Production: The customer asked us to carry out twice-a-month (unannounced) on-the-ground source inspection, material and component testing and quality assurance engineering for a high volume (45K-60K per month) booster seat manufacturing program in Dongguan, China. We provide test reports and certificates assuring that the booster seats meet international safety requirements. 

Coordinating Industrial Abrasives & Cutting Tools Production: A customer asked us to coordinate the outsourced production of abrasive wheels (for cutting and grinding tools). This is a pretty good example of a High Mix / Low Volume project — our “meat and potatoes” work.

Manufacturing Tight Tolerance Machined Parts: The customer hired EastBridge to build sensor bodies for acceleration and force transducer production. The design specifies Inconel 718 stainless steel raw material and lathing, wired EDM, grinding, polishing, and electroplating. The low volume project is to produce less than 115 units per month.

Manufacturing Headset Communication Parts: The customer contracted EastBridge to provide molded plastic housings, printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), wire harnesses and die cut foam components for use in first responder and airline pilot headsets.

On-Site Auditing for Manufacturing & Quality Systems Capability: The client hired us to execute a comprehensive on-site audit of a scroll pump manufacturer candidate they identified.  Two senior EastBridge manufacturing engineers (who are ISO-certified auditors) will carry out the one-day audit and publish a vendor scorecard, based on a 100-point rating system.

Partnering to Manufacture Wearable Technology: A product designers needed help manufacturing a low-cost, single- and multiple use wristwatch-style customer tracking devices (used on cruise ships and theme parks). There were enough hyphens in that spec to capture our attention. So we’re the manufacturing arm for that particular project

Partnering to Manufacture Smart Home Systems: This customer needed help transitioning multiple designs (smart lighting, climate control, elder care, security, etc.) from prototype phase through DFMA, tooling generation & validation, early stage production, debugging and volume production & order fulfillment. Our manufacturing and certification expertise, along with boots-on-the-ground presence is solving that challenge.

Sourcing Engineered Textile: One our customers needed to develop sources for polymer-coated fabrics used in engineered membranes, building products and commercial graphics. So, we’re qualifying those sources and their upstream suppliers.

Those are just some of the projects we are working on. Which of them aligns to a need for you?

EastBridge exists to make your product development & sourcing effort successful. We have the people, the resources, and the commitment to get manufacturing done at reasonable rates and within a reasonable timeline.

Thanks for reading.


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