Your product design and the means to make them real

Your product design and the means to make them real

EastBridge is having more success solving manufacturing problems than I’ve been letting on. And my people deserve more recognition for making customer designs into real products.

The work we do for product designers, engineers and OEMs who need help getting their designs on the dock is interesting. What you do is interesting. I like telling you about those things. Primarily because it adds value. 

Because of that we’re changing the format of our blog. Now it has navigational elements you can use to find manufacturing process tips, techniques, approved vendor profiles, and project case studies. 

Bridging the Difficult

EastBridge solves the difficult problems most all product engineers and designers (and their executive team) face. We work on products, projects, and parts such as those that:

  • Involve technically difficult and challenging turnkey hardware designs
  • Demand tight tolerance parts made from unusual materials
  • Are High Mix/Low Volume applications
  • Require uncommon surface finishes, coatings, and plating
  • Include hardware other companies can’t (or don’t want) to manufacture

It has been helpful to me over the years when a trusted peer shared his or her experiences. My sincere hope is that by sharing common experiences related to transitioning great designs into successful products, this new format will add value to your life and your life’s work.

Thanks for the opportunity maintain a relationship. As always, I appreciate the chance you give me to make the occasional business pitch. I hope we can do great work together!

Thanks for reading.


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