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When you’ve completed your design of a new product and it’s time to obtain quotes, are you frustrated with what you get? Vague definition of the deliverables? Murky “all in” quotes that don’t break out the cost of the components, materials, packaging, tooling and overhead?

At EastBridge Engineering ( we don’t accept quotes from vendors that are short on detail and long on mystery. We feel that when you appoint a production partner and spend a lot of time and money to launch a new product, you deserve to receive a highly detailed and transparent quote.

To make sure that our clients step off on the right foot, we take the extra step of generating an internal cost estimate before going out to the market. Our estimates are generated by our experienced team of manufacturing engineers and provide a useful standard to benchmark what products should cost.

For an example of one of our detailed estimates for a complex electromechanical product, please follow this link:

We want our clients to win in the NPD game. Having complete pricing and cost basis information is a key predictor of success.


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