EastBridge Makes Asian Supply Chain Less Difficult

EastBridge Makes Asian Supply Chain Less Difficult

The daunting challenges of currency exchange, payment terms, international logistics, and confidentiality can really hurt the ROI for most companies with an Asian supply chain. But not for EastBridge clients. We simplify the supply chain with an experienced team of on-the-ground experts and by reducing the complexities of 3rd party involvement.

EastBridge has been working inside Asia for more than 15 years. We are fluent in the language of Asian business and have significant resources dedicated for the purpose. (We also speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Taiwanese, and others fluently.) We maintain our own warehousing in three different geographical areas to support the transportation, purchasing, and even selling of our clients’ products. Our people, located in offices on two continents, help put quality products in global markets every day.

A great metaphor for how we streamline Asian supply chain management is the TSA Pre-check. Less experienced travelers queue in long lines through airline security checks. Experienced travelers who have learned the system know how to slip past those delays and expedite their entry to the gate. They save time, money, and needless pain. 

EastBridge offers just that to clients. We put our profound knowledge of supply chain to work with the following in-house capability:

  • We help clients acquire and manufacture quality components, materials, sub-assemblies, chemicals, and even product coatings that meet precise specifications. 
  • We provide licensed trading services.
  • We maintain our own warehouses. 
  • We perform relabeling and deliver accurate customs documentation 

We have saved our clients millions of dollars by cleaning up their supply chain. 

EastBridge takes the hassle, and the cost, out of Asian supply chain management. Let’s talk about improving your ROI through improved supply chain.

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