Supply Chain Complex

Designing and Building a New Product?

Success is Critical!

Bringing a new product to life is a complex and confusing process that’s loaded with landmines and pain points. Your project has a lot riding on it – you need to minimize risk to ensure success.

EastBridge creates order, clarity and efficiency in the chaotic world of new product manufacturing with:

An experienced team of manufacturing experts that’s on the ground in Low Cost Countries (LCCs) and the West delivering:

  • Streamlined vendor qualification and quoting
  • Design rationalization (DFMA), cost optimization and reduction
  • Reduced time to market


Expertise in all major engineering and manufacturing domains including electronics contract manufacturing, chemical, industrial, mechanical, plastics and many others

  • Consumer products
  • Industrial goods
  • Instruments and sensors
  • Medical device contract manufacturing
  • Transportation


Single point of contact for the entire design-to-delivery process

  • EastBridge offices located in your time zone, speaking your language
  • An engineer-project manager, dedicated to your product
  • Coordination of everything from international certifications to delivery


A highly ethical company that’s honest and transparent

  • Eastbridge represents you, not the manufacturer
  • We hold your best interests at heart
  • We don’t succeed unless and until you succeed


Eastbridge gets your product design manufacturing-ready, provides an understanding of your product’s feasibility and costs early in the process, identifies competent and trustworthy subcontractors and regulatory agencies, and manages the entire process from design to delivery.

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