How to ship a sample to Taiwan

Shipping to Taiwan


Sending Us a Sample?

If you’re planning on sending us a sample of your product to Taiwan (the Republic of China, “ROC”), there are regulations in place regarding how the item should be identified on the shipping documents.

When sending free samples to Taiwan, please write “Free sample, no commercial value for customs purpose only.” on both the commercial invoice and airway bill, and list the word “sample” on the label on the package.

For the declared value, please list a reasonable amount so as not to draw the attention of the Customs Bureau. The current government policy states that if the CIF value (110% of the sample value) is less than US$70.00, there will be no VAT (value added tax). The import duty will be determined by the Customs Bureau based on the product category.

Our shipping address in Taiwan is:

8F, No. 23, Alley 2, Lane 240, Jing Ping Road
Zhonghe District
New Taipei City, Taiwan 23581
Tel: +886.932,316.453

Attention: Terry Kao